Ein Tosco-Venezianischer Bestiarius

Maximilian Goldstaub, ed., Richard Wendriner, ed.

Halle: M. Niemeyer, 1892

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The Tuscan bestiary. Text of the Bestiary in Italian; introduction and notes in German. The manuscript text is from Biblioteca Civica di Padova, C.R.M.248.

The Italian bestiary manuscripts described (the letter in [brackets] is the designated code for the manuscript):

  1. Biblioteca Civica di Padova, C.R.M.248 [P]
  2. Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Ashb.649 [L1]
  3. Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Plut.90 inf.47 [L2]
  4. Biblioteca Riccardiana, Cod. 2260 R.IV 4 [R1]
  5. Biblioteca Riccardiana, Cod. 2281 [R2]
  6. Biblioteca Riccardiana, Cod. 1357 P. III. 4[R3]
  7. Biblioteca Riccardiana, Cod. 2183 [R4]
  8. Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, Cod. Magliabechiano XXI.4.135 [St]

Language: German

LC: PQ4265; OCLC: 1960557


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