Some Supplementary Italian Bestiary Chapters

Milton S. Garver

Romanic Review, 11, 1920, 308-327

"The edition of the following bestiary chapters is intended to present hirthto unpublished material which may prove of value to the further study of Italian bestiaries and also to supplement two previous works on this subject. These are the edition by Goldstaub and Wendriner of the manuscript in Padua and that of Garver and McKenzie of the Tuscan bestiary according to manuscripts in Paris and Rome. The chapters here presented are from a fifteenth century manuscript in the Riccardi Library, Cod. Ricc. 1357 P. III. 4 and designated by the symbol R3 in the above mentioned studies. It consists of 248 folios and contains the Etica and Fisonomia of Aristotle, various ecclesiastical writings, lives of saints, and, ff. 74-108, the Libro della natuara degli animali..." - Garver

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