Le Monde enchant√©, cosmographie et histoire naturelle fantastiques du moyen √Ęge

Ferdinand Denis

Paris: Burt Franklin, 1965

A survey of fantastic natural history from the eighth to the sixteenth century. Includes a long section on the Tresor of Brunetto Latini and the age of Dante, as well as sections on Isidore of Seville, science under Charlemagne, marvels, animals of the Talmud, Marco Polo, and the New World of the sixteenth century. Appendixes provide a French translation of the letter of Prester John, and an account of the El Dorado legend. There is also an extensive annotated bibliography (to 1845), organized by subject.

Reprint of 1845 (Paris) edition.

376 p., illustrations, bibliography, index.

Language: French

LCCN: 66020702


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