Dawn of Zoology

Willy Ley

Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1968

"Here is a popular history of animals as seen through the looking-glass of pre-science and the early zoologists. ... Animal myths, lore, and legend are discussed in the light of contemporary knowledge and continued scientific explorations." - cover copy

"Mr. Ley avoids the too familiar thesis that all the sciences grew out of the pseudo-sciences - chemistry out of alchemy; astronomy out of astrology; zoology out of myth, fable and the search for moral meaning in natural phenomena. Hunters, breeders of domestic animals, physicians seeking remedies and even monks obsessed with 'and the moral of that is' may have made some contributions. But the desire to satisfy curiosity which had no ulterior purpose is the real father of zoology. His book will illustrate how such curiosity operated and how often it went astray before it achieved the correct answer.' - Krutch, introduction

Chapters: Man the Hunter; Man the Thinker; Man the Collector; Man the Allegorizer; Man the Cleric; Man the Reformer; Man the Systematizer; Man the Digger; Man the Explainer.

280 pp., black & white illustrations, notes, index.

Language: English


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