Le Bestiaire de Pierre de Beauvais, version courte

Guy R. Mermier, ed.

Paris: A. G. Nizet, 1977

A critical edition of the short form of the Bestiaire of Pierre de Beauvais. The introduction and notes include a biography of Pierre and a list of his known works, a description of the Bestiaire, descriptions of the four manuscripts containing this version of the text, and a glossary. Text in old French with summaries and commentary in French.

The four manuscripts used in the edition are: 1. Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, Nouv. acq. fr. 13251; 2. Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, fr. 834; 3. Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, fr. 944; 4. Bibliotheque du Grand Seminaire de Malines (Mechelen), 32.

178 pp., bibliography, index.

Language: French

LCCN: 78345539; LC: PQ1501.P52B41977; DDC: 844.1


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