Reynard the Fox. A Study of the Fox in Medieval English Art

Kenneth Varty

Leicester: Leicester University Press, 1967

"This book describes an extraordinary and exciting fox-hunt - a search for medieval carvings and drawings of the fox in churches, museums and libraries througout England. Dr. Varty's main purpose is to show that, despite the paucity of literary evidence, Reynard the Fox was indeed well known in medieval England. [Shows] ...foxes in wood and stone carvings, in stained and painted glass, and in murals and miniatures. ... The text, in relating the illustrations to the literary evidence, recounts many of the medieval fables which tell the story of Reynard..." - cover copy

169 pp. Colour frontispiece and 169 black and white illustrations (photographic plates). Includes annotated lists of fox carvings and drawings, and a list of manuscripts containing fox images. Bibliography, index of proper names and subject index.

Language: English


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