The Labours of the Months and 'The Haunted Tanglewood': aspects of late twelfth-century sculpture in Yorkshire

Lawrence Butler

in R. L. Thomson, ed., A Medieval Miscellany in Honour of Professor John Le Patourel, Leeds: Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, Proceedings vol. 18, 1982, 79-95

"This article discusses the subject matter of doorway and capital carvings in Yorkshire churches. The scenes are mainly drawn from the Labours of the Month, the Signs of the Zodiac and the Bestiary, using mid twelfth-century manuscript sources. It is argued that the inspiration was not monastic scriptoria but the cathedral school at York as the majority of the churches were in the patronage of the archbishop Roger de Pont L'Eveque and the senior clergy of the cathedral chapter, most of whom had studied in Capetian France." - Butler

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