The Symbolism of the Crocodile in the Middle Ages

George C. Druce

Archaeological Journal, 66, 1909, 311-338

An extensive survey of the use of images of the crocodile in medieval architectural decoration and in manuscript illustration, with a discussion of the symbolism involved.

"Among the numerous animals found in ecclesiastical figure sculpture it is remarkable that so picturesque a character as the crocodile is rarely met with in any easily recognizable form. That it was frequently represented in some form or other seems more than likely from the fact that it can be shown by reference to medieval manuscripts to have been the subject of an extensive symbolism. The object of the present paper is to endeavour to show what that symbolism was, and in what circumstances and form we should expect to find the crocodile in church architecture." - Druce

Black & white illustrations of manuscripts and sculpture.

Language: English


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