Some new light on the Old English Caedmonian Genesis

Thomas H. Ohlgren

Studies in Iconography, 1, 1975, 38-73

"The article posits the scriptorium at St.-Benoit-sur-Loire (Fleury) as the location where the exemplar of the Old English Caedmonian Genesis (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Junius XI) was illustrated in the last third of the 10th c. Iconographic analysis of the Rebellion and Fall of the Rebel Angels as well as the Temptation of Adam reveals that the artist had access to copies of the Commentary on the Apocalypse by the 8th c. Spanish monk, Beatus of Liebana, and an illustrated 10th c. Physiologus (Brussels, Bibliotheque Royale Albert IER, MS 10066-77). These manuscripts may have also influenced the iconography of the sculpted capitals in the ambulatory and clocher-porche at Fleury. The article, finally, reinforces Barbara Raw's conjecture that the illustrated exemplar of MS Junius XI was the Old Saxon Genesis." - Ohlgren

Language: English


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