Omnis Mundi Creatura

Aleks Pluskowski

Aleks Pluskowski / Clare College, Cambridge, 2003

"This research explores the diversity of changing human appropriations of animals and their environments in medieval Europe. The approach is interdisciplinary, drawing on archaeology, art-history and written sources as well as analogues from ecology, ethology and anthropology. ... The study will not examine all species and environments but will focus on those which precipitated the most important responses from human society, attested in the range of archaeological, written and artistic sources. Terrestrial, avian and aquatic fauna will be considered through the (changing) lens of medieval typologies of the natural world, corresponding to characteristics ranging from the physical to the elemental. These broad categories will be sub-divided into the following: wild, domestic, commensal and monstrous (or hybrid). However, unlike all existing studies incorporating such divisions, these categories will be explicitly associated with the broad physical and conceptual environments of their respective species, forming the main sections of the study." - Pluskowski

Language: English


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