Ancient Natural History: Histories of Nature

Roger French

London; New York: Routledge, 1994

"Ancient Natural History surveys the ways in which people in the ancient world thought about nature. The writings of Aristotle, Theophrastus, Strabo and Pliny are examined, as well the popular beliefs of their contemporaries. Roger French finds that the same natural-historical material was used to serve the purposes of both the Greek philosopher and the Christian allegorist, or of a naturalist like Theophrastus and a collector of curiosa like Pliny. He argues convincingly that the motives of ancient writers on nature were rarely "scientific" and, indeed, that there was no science at all in the ancient world." - publisher

Chapters: Aristotle and the Natures of Things; Theophrastus, plants and elephants; Geography and natural history; Greece and Rome; the Natural History of Pliny; Animals and parables.

357 p., 33 black & white photgraphs, index.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-415-08880-1; LCCN: 94-5131; LC: QH15.F741994; DDC: 508'.09'01-dc20


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