The Book of the Treasure (Li Livres dou Tresor)

Brunetto Latini, Paul Barrette & Spurgeon Baldwin, trans.

New York: Garland Publishing, 1993; Series: Garland Library of Medieval Literature, Series B, Volume 90

A translation into English of the French version of the Li Livres du Tresor of Brunetto Latini.

"It is the Escorial manuscript, edited in the light of the Chabaille and Carmody editions, and taking into account any light to be cast by the Spanish and Catalan versions, which is the basis for the present translation into English... An effort has been made to render accurately the message of the French original, and though we have tried to remain faithful to the semantic integrity of each individual locution, we have taken some liberties when the literal translation seems either stilted or unclear. ... Although the Tresor was extremely popular during the Middle Ages, as the many manuscripts and translations to other languages indicate, this is the first time it has been translated in its entirety into English." - introduction

428 p., bibliography, index of proper names.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-8153-0763-2; LCCN: 92-21785; LC: PQ1489.L24L5131993; DDC: 034'.1-dc20


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