Statistical Studies of the Iconography of the Dragon in Biblical texts of the 13th and 14th centuries

Miriam E. Hebron

London: M. E. Hebron, 1985

"I am usually asked how I came to make these statistical studies of dragons. The answer is simple, - because I happened to observe that those in 13th and 14th century Bibles were statistically viable. The dragons were for most art historians, conventional details in design, as indeed they might have been to the artists who painted them, but I was currious to know why they were placed differentially in incipts. ... I believe ... that statistics could be applied to extant examples to ascertain the meaning of symbolism more reliably than any casual reference contemporary with the making of the books. The trends and consistencies discernable within the manuscripts, when showing statistical reliability, must surely indicate what the inciteful programmer's motive was in placing the dragons where they are." - preface

63 p., black & white illustrations, statistical tables.

Language: English


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