An Egyptian Bestiary

Philippe Germond

London: Thames & Hudson, 2001

"The magnificent photographs in this volume show the incomparable richness of the pharonic fauna in all forms of artistic expression - painting, sculpture, relief carving, architectural ornamentation and hieroglyphs - ranging from astonishing realism in the depiction of birst and beasts, both wild and domesticated, with which the people of the Nile Valley came into daily contact, to hieratic stylization in portraying the pantheon of animal-headed gods and the sacred and fabulous creatures that inhabited the ancient Egyptions' devotional, funerary and magical world. The sholarly descriptions and informative captions that accompany this amazing bestiary place each animal depicted in its proper context in relation to man, to the environment and to the gods. From geese to monkeys, crocodiles to scorpions, the list is virtually endless, while the superb artistry and extraordinary range of the subject matter will open the eyes of Egyptologists and naturalists alike to a subject that has never before been so superbly displayed and explained." - publisher

Originally published as Bestiaire Egyptian in Paris.

224 p., 280 color illstrations, bibliography, index.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-500-51059-8; LCCN: 2001088627; LC: N7660.G43132001


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