Middle English Animal Literature

Klaus Weimann

Exeter: University of Exeter, 1975; Series: Exeter Medieval English Texts

"The aim of this anthology is to present a selection from this kind of literature, ranging from the quasiscientific bestiary to the popular carol. The guiding principles in selecting the material were (1) to illustrate the different traditions, as far as possible, by both early and later texts, (2) to provide several versions of one item where a comparison may yield interesting results (or at least to refer the reader to such versions where they cannot be printed for reasons of space), (3) to show the treatment of a restricted number of animals in different genres or versions, rather than try to cover as large a part of the animal kingdom as possible. ... All of the texts chosen for this anthology have been edited before, some of them in an excellent way and easy of access. But they can only be found either in large and expensive collections of single authors or as single items in anthologies among numerous quite different texts. It seemed therefore desirable to make available in one small volume an anthology representing the whole range of ME. animal literature." - Weimann

Contents: The Bestiary (Lion, Eagle, Hart, Fox, Whale, Panther); Fables (Lion and Ass, Dog and Ass, Plucked Magpie and the Eel, Wolf and the Lamb, The Cat and the Fox, The Fox and the Cat, The Wolf and the Fox, The Fox and the Wolf); Animal Tales And Beast Epic (The Fox and the Wolf, Fox and Fisherman, Reynard the Fox); Debates (The Thrush and the Nightingale, The Cuckoo and the Nightingale); Miscellaneous Animal Poetry (Sumer Is Icumen In, My Gentle Cock, The Hunted Hare, The Fox and the Goose, The False Fox).

116 p., bibliography, glossary, list of proper names.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-85989-070-8; LC: PR1120.M5


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