A Bestiary for Saint Jerome: Animal Symbolism in European Religious Art

Herbert Friedmann

Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1980

"Anyone who has frequented the great museums in this country or abroad will have noted the numerous intriguing and strinking representations of Saint Jerome, many of which include a lion and often one or more other kinds of animals. ... the story of Saint Jerome was one of the few themes within the conventional limits of church art that leant itself readily to extensive use of natural history material. ... [This] book may, therefore, be of some interest to naturalists and historians of the natural sciences, as well as iconologists and art historians. With the former group in mind, I have thought it necessary to deal with the nature and special logic of symbolism and allegory, since without these attributes the whole artistic effort would have been meaningless and probably would never have developed." - introduction

378 p., bibliography, index.

Language: English

874744466; LCCN: 79-607804; LC: ND1432.E85F741980; DDC: 704.94'6


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