An English 13th Century Bestiary: A New Discovery in the Technique of Medieval Illumination

Samuel A. Ives, Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt

New York: H. P. Kraus, 1942; Series: Rare Books Monagraphs 1

An anlysis (by Ives) of a thirteenth century manuscript, owned (in 1942) by H. P. Kraus ("Kraus Bestiary"), then by Philip Hofer ("Hofer Bestiary"), and now Houghton Library MS Typ 101, containing illustrated Physiologus texts. These are identified as the Dicta Chrysostomi and the De Bestiis of Hugo of Folieto. The text is compared to other manuscript copies of the Physiologus (Carmody B and Y, the Greek text edited by Sbordone, the Dicta Chrysostomi edited by Heider). This is followed by commentary and analysis (by Lehmann-Haupt) of the illustrations, with the conclusion that this manuscript was intended to be used as a model book.

45 pp., 8 pages of black and white photographic plates of images from the manuscript.

Language: English

LCCN: 42019790; LC: Z6617.B4I8


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