Theobaldi 'Physiologus' with introduction, critical apparatus, translation and commentary

Theobaldus, P. T. Eden, ed., trans.

Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1972; Series: Mittellateinische Studien und Texte, Bd. 8

Digital resource

"The need for a critical edition of Theobaldus' Physiologus has long been felt. Individual MSS of the poem have been published more than once, but this is the first attempt to apply the critical techniques elaborated in the editing of classical Latin texts. All discoverable MSS have been examined; more than forty have been collated, and on this basis the transmission of the text, and so the text itself, can be scientifically established. More information than usual is given from the later MSS, partly to show how different channels of tradition can still be traced even after cross-channels have come into existence, partly to supply information about variants to students of the vernacular versions..." - Eden

Contents: History of the "Physiologus"; Sources of Theobaldus version; Identity of Theobaldus; Primary MSS and their relationship; Later transmission of the text; Editions of individual MSS of Theobaldus "Physiologus"; Text, translation and commentary.

The digital version of this book has only the text of the Physiologus, and omits the introduction and all of the critical apparatus.

83 pp., illustrations, bibliography.

Language: English

LCCN: 72171466; LC: PA8440.T31972


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