Contribution Towards a History of Arabico-Gothic Culture, Volume IV: Physiologus Studies

Leo Wiener

Philadelphia: Innes & Sons, 1921

Of the four volumes which were published in this series this only is of zoological interest with sections on both real and mythical creatures examined from the philological aspect. Many quotes and excerpts from Greek, Latin and Arabic sources. Chapters include: The Bubalus in the Bible; The Bull of Paeonia; The Tragelaphus; The Tarandus; The Antholops; The Urus; The Monops; The Philological History of the Pearl; The Pearl in Greek and Arabic Liturature; The Pearl in the Physiologus and Pliny; The Whale; The Unicorn; The Lion; The Firebearing Stones; The Charadrius; The Pelican; The Hercynian Forest.

The author was professor of Slavic Languages at Harvard.

388 p., bibliography, index.

Language: English

LCCN: 17029629; LC: CB353.W6; OCLC: 630934


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