Marvels, Monsters, And Miracles: Studies in the Medieval and Early Modern Imaginations

Timothy S. Jones, ed., David A. Sprunger, ed.

Kalamazoo, MI: Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University, 2002; Series: Studies in Medieval Culture XLII

"This collection of essays examines the perceptions of the marvelous and monstrous by the people of medieval and early modern Europe. The essays investigate the nature of those phenomena which people of these periods experienced as marvels. They explore how these people interpreted their experience of astonishment and how they re-created it for others. They trace the development of representations of marvels and explicate individual incarnations of monsters and miracles. They analyze the importance of marvelous difference in defining ethnic, racial, religious, class, and gender identities. Finally, these essays ask what legacies the medieval confrontations with marvels have left for the modern world and how the modern fascination with medieval marvels has defined the difference between the two periods." - from the Introduction

Language: English

ISBN: 1-58044-065-7


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