The Misereres Of Beverley Minster: A Complete Series Of Drawings Of The Seat Carvings In The Choir Of St. John's, Beverley, Yorkshire; With Notes On The Plates And Subjects

T. Tindall Wildridge

Hull J. Plaxton, 1879

"Misereres may be considered the most important and instructive of ornaments. Being generally designs independent of the objects on which they are placed, they lose conventionality, and are therefore nearer to strict portraiture and truth. Being also, concealed from vulgar gaze, --enwrapped in minster gloom, --their authors were unconstrained by motives of prudence or delicacy; satire being prominent features in carvings of this class."

74 lithographic plates of detailed drawings of the mediaeval carvings found on the movable choir seats.

Language: English


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