Man and the Beasts (de Animalibus, Books 22-26)

Albertus Magnus, James J. Scanlan, trans.

New York: Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies (SUNY), 1987; Series: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, Volume 47

"The intent of this translation is to introduce the modern reader to the zoological researches of Albertus Mangnus. Though revered as a saint and doctor of the Church and remembered as the mentor of Thomas Aquinas, Albert is less known for his accomplisments in the natural sciences, despite the fact that prominent historians have acclaimed him as the most noted naturalist of Latin Europe in the Middle Ages. ... The present translation of Books 22 to 26 .. is based on [Hermann] Stadler's edition. ... In these final five books of De Animalibus Albert doffed the cap of a scholastic philosopher and assumed the role of a naturalist, a scientist giving free rein to his powers of observation, calling upon an abundant store zoological knowledge accumulated during his travels and citing a number of authorities for animals that lay beyond the ken of his own experience." - Author, Introduction

Stadler based his edition on the manuscript copy of De Animalibus in the municipal archives of Cologne (Historisches Archiv der Stadt Koln, W 258A).

Scanlan includes a biography of Albert, a discussion of his sources and methods, and an extensive biography.

516 pp. Introduction, bibliography, index, list of authors cited by Albert.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-86698-032-6


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