The Unicorn

Nancy Hathaway

New York: Viking Press, 1980

An extensively illustrated study of the unicorn myth in East and West, from early antiquity through the Middle Ages and into modern times. The illustrations are taken from medieval manuscripts, tapestries, carvings, early printed books, paintings, etc. The text covers unicorn myths and legends, and explores their origins and uses. Chapters include: The Ancient Unicorn (The First Animal Named; The Eastern Beginnings; The Fierce Karkadann; The Unicorn-boy of India); The Medieval Unicorn (The Hunt of the Unicorn; The Lion and the Unicorn; The Unicorn, Wild People and Wood Nymphs; The Magical Horn); The Progress of the Unicorn (Centuries of Search; The False Unicorn; Myth and Mass Culture; The Celestial Unicorn).

191 pp., many color and black & white illustrations, annotated bibliography, list of sources.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-670-74075-6; LCCN: 80-5364; LC: GR830.U6H37; DDC: 398.2'454


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