Beasts and Birds of the Middle Ages: The Bestiary and its Legacy

Willene B. Clark, Meradith T. McMunn

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1989

"The essays in Beasts and Birds of the Middle Ages, all by internationally known scholars, demonstate the scope and variety of bestiary studies and the ways in which the bestiary can be addressed. The contributers write about the tradition of one of the bestiary's birds, Parisian production of the manuscripts, bestiary animals in a liturgical book, theological as well as secular interpretations of beasts, bestiary creatures in literature, and new perspectives on the bestiary in other genres." - Introduction

In an appendix, the authors provide a list of western Latin and French bestiary manuscripts, extending the bestiary family classification system begun by James (1928) and McCulloch (1962).

Includes articles by: Beryl Rowland, Willene B. Clark, Xenia Muratova, Guy R. Mermier, Wendy Pfeffer, Jeanette Beer, Lilian M. C. Randall, Meradith T. McMunn, Michael J. Curley, Mary Coker Joslin, John B. Friedman.

224 p., black & white illustrations, extensive bibliography (since 1962), index, list of bestiary manuscripts, contributer biographies.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-8122-3091-4; LCCN: 894915; LC: PA8275.B4Z551989; DDC: 809.933620


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