Contextual Duplicity and Textual Variation: The Siren and Onocentaur in the Physiologus Tradition

Valentine A. Pakis

Mediaevistik, 2010; Series: Volume 23, issue 1

The aim of the present study is to propose a synthetic approach toward a particular type of textual instability that is both sensitive to local manuscript cultures and yet capable of surmising an archetypal stimulation for manuscript variation. The type of instability in mind might be called context-based variation, and an argument for its existence can be made most convincingly in light of evidence drawn from broadly disseminated textual traditions. The example presented below will concern the siren and onocentaur in the many versions of the Physiologus that were produced before the middle of the thirteenth century.

Language: English

DOI: 10.3726/83014_115


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