Sources : Bull

Aelianus [170-230 CE] (On the Characteristics of Animals, Book 4, chapter 48): When once a bull has been provoked to anger and is threatening violence with his horns and rushing on with irresistible speed, the herdsman cannot control him, fear cannot check him, nor anything else; only a man may bring him to a halt and stay his onrush if he tie a scarf round his own right knee and face the bull. - [Scholfield translation]

Gaius Julius Solinus [3rd century CE] (De mirabilibus mundi / Polyhistor, Chapter 52.36): Indian bulls are tawny in colour, and exceedingly fleet. Their hair is turned backwards, and their heads are all mouth. The hardness of their hides rejects all spears, and they are of such inexorable wildness that when captured they kill themselves from madness. - [Arwen Apps translation, 2011]