Sources : Zifius

Thomas of Cantimpré [circa 1200-1272 CE] (Liber de natura rerum, Marine monsters 6.59): Zyphius, as the great Basilius says in the book Exameron, is very formidable. It is a beast of the sea, exceeding the estimation of men, so that the providential nature of things may be believed to have played in this monster. For it is not likened to the shape of other fishes, nor to the monsters of the sea, nor to the beasts of the earth, nor to the birds of the sky, but has an ideal form, in which only beasts can be glorified, so as to render a worthy spectacle to those who see it, and from this praise by those who see it, to the Creator of all things. Its head is absolutely monstrous; the abyss of its mouth you will flee like the abyss of death; of the eyes you will be horrified; if you see its body, you will admit that you have seen nothing like it anywhere. - [Badke translation/paraphrase]