Sources : Chimera

Thomas of Cantimpré [circa 1200-1272 CE] (Liber de natura rerum, Quadrupeds 4.23): The Chimera, as Jacobus says, is a beast in the region of Babylon, high in front, low behind. The Muslims offered this captured beast, covered with a costly cloak, to their master, that they might serve him gratefully. But it signifies those who offer their souls to demons through worship and worldly glory. There is no doubt that the demons will accept them gratefully. Whence, in the Acts of the Apostles, Herod Agrippa, boasting in royal robes, was struck by the demons and expired. but because he did not give honor to God in the honor he offered, he perished. What, then, you, poor, humble, and despised, are you going to receive for the glory of clothing and worship, if you do not even consider that it is spared to a king who glories in the glory of clothing. - [Badke translation/paraphrase]