Latin name: Luscinia
Other names: Acredula, Aedon, Lonsignous, Lousegnol, Lucina, Nyghtyngal, Philomena, Philomene, Phylomena, Rosignol, Rousignol, Roussignol
Category: Bird

A bird that that sings so enthusiastically that it almost dies

General Attributes

The nightingale has a sweet song, and loves to sing. It sings to relieve the tedium as it sits on its nest through the night. At dawn it sings so enthusiastically that it almost dies. Sometimes nightingales compete with each other with their songs, and the one that loses the competition often dies.


The Aberdeen Bestiary likens the nightingale to a poor mother: "The poor but modest mother, her arm dragging the millstone around, that her children may not lack bread, imitates the nightingale, easing the misery of her poverty with a night-time song, and although she cannot imitate the sweetness of the bird, she matches it in her devotion to duty."

Uses Magical, Medical, Alchemical and Culinary

Eating the flesh of a nightingale will keep a person awake.