Fire Stones

Latin name: Lapides igniferi
Other names: Cheroboli, Deus perres, Douze len pierres, Lapides piroboli, Piroboli, Terrebolen, Terroboli, Turrobo, Turrobolen
Category: Stone

Stones that burst into flames when brought close together

General Attributes

Found in the East, fire stones are either male or female. As long as they are kept apart, they are safe, but if a male and female stone are brought together, they ignite a fire that burns everything.


Men and women, particularly those in celibate monastic orders, should be kept separate, because lust burns when they are brought together.


The fire stones are usually illustrated with an image of a man and woman (frequently naked) in a fire. Often there are two panels, one showing the man and woman separated and another with them close together and standing in or in front of fire. In a very few illustrations the stones themselves are shown, separate and cold, together and burning, or both.