Latin name: Psittacus
Other names: Papagal, Papegai, Papegault, Papegaut, Papegay, Popinjay, Presitacus, Psytaco, Psytacus
Category: Bird

A talking bird with a very hard beak

General Attributes

The parrot is a bird found in India that can be taught to speak like a man. It learns better when it is young, but if it will not learn one must hit it over the head with an iron bar. It can say ave (a greeting) by nature, but must be taught all other words. Its beak is so hard that if the parrot falls from a height it can break its fall with its beak. Parrots are colored green with a purple-red collar; they hate the rain because the water makes their colors appear ugly. There are two kinds of parrot: the kind with three toes have a mean disposition, but the ones with six toes are gentle.