Latin name: Asinus
Other names: Ane, Asellus
Category: Beast

An animal that is slow and resists commands

General Attributes

Large and tall asses come from Arcadia, but the smaller animals are more useful because they can sustain hardship. Asses can carry heavy burdens but are slow and resist commands. They cannot endure cold, so only breed during the hot season. They will refuse to drink from a spring or stream they are not familiar with. When the female ass is about to give birth it hides in the shadows where people will not see it.


Asses are usually drawn realistically. In some illustrations the ass is shown as a beast of burden, being ridden, pulling a cart, or walking a treadmill to grind grain.

Uses Magical, Medical, Alchemical and Culinary

The milk of an ass is supposed to contribute to the whiteness of the skin. Poppea, Nero's wife, bathed herself in the milk of an ass for this purpose. When a ring made from the hoof of an ass is worn by a person possessed by a demon, the demon will be driven out the same day. If the tears of an ass are mixed with oil and put into a lamp and lit, all those illuminated by it will appear to have the heads of asses. Pain in the teeth can be soothed and the teeth strengthened with the heated milk of the ass.