Latin name: Taurus
Other names: Bullock, Ivuenca, Juvencus, Thaurus
Category: Beast

The Indian bull is tawny colored and swift as a bird

General Attributes

The Indian bull has horns that are movable, and a hide so hard it rejects spears. Its tawny colored hair turns contrariwise, and it is swift as a bird. If captured it breathes fiercely to avoid being tamed. Gentiles sacrifice the young bull (juvencus, bullock) rather than the old bull.

See also Cow (Domestic).

Uses Magical, Medical, Alchemical and Culinary

The flesh of bulls is nourishing but strong and difficult to digest, producing blood that is thick and turbid. It is better when the flesh is better digested when it is eaten with wine and garlic. To drink the blood of a bull is fatal. The warm blood of a bull inflames broken bones.