Latin name: Lynx
Other names: Cama, Chama, Linche, Lincis, Linsio, Linsius, Linx
Category: Beast

The urine of the lynx hardens into a precious stone

General Attributes

The lynx is a beast that resembles a wolf except for having spots on its back like a panther. Its urine hardens into a precious stone that is flame colored and similar to a carbuncle. The lynx covers its urine with sand so that humans cannot find the stone. The female lynx only gives birth once. The sight of the lynx can penetrate solid objects, but it forgets what it has seen as soon as it looks away.


The lynx signifies those who, from the possibility of knowledge, and not by grace, usurp the office of preaching for themselves, and yet live the life of wolves. Those who have indeed converted some from the secular life by preaching, do not fear to draw them afterwards to sins and crimes; and those who ought to have been nurturers in the beginning of grace, become destroyers in the relapse of crimes. [Thomas of Cantimpré]

Uses Magical, Medical, Alchemical and Culinary

The urine of the lynx solidifies into a stone called ligurian or lyncurius, which cures diseases of the kidneys and helps with jaundice. When the stone is hardened it can be carved or engraved and so is used for the adornment of women.