Latin name: Hirundo maris
Other names: Grundo, Hyrundine maris, Hyrundo maris, Irondo, Irundine piscis, Irundo, Irundo maris, Irundo piscis
Category: Fish

The swallow of the sea

General Attributes

The sea-swallow appears in some medieval encyclopedias. It is a fish when it is in the water, but has wings that allow it to fly into the air.

One of the names used for the sea-swallow, irundo, is also used for the swallow bird. The distinction is clear from context.


These fishes most aptly symbolize those who, although they are sometimes involved in worldly affairs out of duty, yet at the time and place when they have returned to themselves and are mindful of heavenly sweetness, they are more eagerly raised to the contemplation of spiritual things. [Thomas of Cantimpré]