Latin name: Squatina
Other names: Scuatina, Scutina, Sinatina, Squamatus, Squatina, Squatus
Category: Fish

A fish with a rough skin used to polish wood and ivory

General Attributes

The skate (squatina) is found in some medieval encyclopedias. It is a fish with sharp scales.


The skate signifies the ungodly, whose cruelty tries the patience of the blessed, that they may be well polished and more gloriously placed in the house of the Lord. [Thomas of Cantimpré]

Uses Magical, Medical, Alchemical and Culinary

The skin of the skate is rough and can be used to polish wood and ivory.


In modern taxonomy, Squatina is a genus of shark (angelshark). Squatina also referred in early Latin to the skate, which angelsharks superficially resemble.