Tragelaphus (Reindeer)

Latin name: Tragelaphus
Other names: Hreindyri, Pirador, Rangifer, Reindeer, Reynder, Tarandrus, Tragelaphos
Category: Beast

A deer-like animal that has a beard

General Attributes

The tragelaphus appears in only a few encyclopedias and fewer bestiaries. It is sometimes identified as the reindeer, though the name (reynder) only appears in one manuscript (Yale Center for British Art, HHB, folio 20v), where the name tragelaphus does not appear. It is described as being like a stag but having a hairy front like a goat and a luxurious beard. They can only be found around the Pharsis River on the Black Sea. The identification of the tragelaphus with the reinder should be considered uncertain.