ms. 993 Gallery
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Folio 150r: Eagle

Folio 151r: Falcon

Folio 151v: Hawk

Folio 151v: Bee

Folio 153r: Owl

Folio 153r: Dove

Folio 153v: Quail

Folio 154r: Stork

Folio 154r: Crow

Folio 154v: Raven

Folio 155r: Swan

Folio 155v: Crane

Folio 155v: Phoenix

Folio 156r: Cock

Folio 156v: Cock

Folio 156v: Cock

Folio 156v: Griffin

Folio 157r: Falcon

Folio 157r: Swallow

Folio 157v: Caladrius

Folio 157v: Duck

Folio 158r: Kite

Folio 158r: Owl

Folio 158r: Bittern

Folio 158v: Pelican

Folio 158v: Partridge

Folio 159r: Peacock

Folio 159v: Ostrich

Folio 159v: Turtledove

Folio 160r: Vulture

Folio 160v: Owl

Folio 160v: Hoopoe

Folio 160v: Bat

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