MS. Ashmole 1511 Gallery
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Folio 6r

Folio 6v

Folio 9r

Folio 10r: Lion

Folio 10v: Lion

Folio 12v: Tiger

Folio 13r: Panther

Folio 14r: Antelope

Folio 14v: Unicorn

Folio 15v: Elephant

Folio 15v: Griffin

Folio 18r: Bonnacon

Folio 20v: Goat

Folio 21r: Bear

Folio 22v: Manticore

Folio 23r: Fox

Folio 23v: Wolf

Folio 25r: Dog

Folio 25v: Dog

Folio 26r: Dog

Folio 30v: Boar (Wild)

Folio 30v: Bull

Folio 32r: Onager

Folio 32r: Ass

Folio 32v: Horse

Folio 35v: Cat

Folio 36v: Ant

Folio 46v: Pelican

Folio 48v: Magpie

Folio 56r: Vulture

Folio 57r: Crane

Folio 65v: Siren

Folio 68r: Phoenix

Folio 69r: Caladrius

Folio 71r: Swan

Folio 72r: Peacock

Folio 75v: Bee

Folio 80v: Asp

Folio 86v: Whale

Folio 103v: Fire stones

Folio 17v: Hyena

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