MMW, 10 D 7 Gallery
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Folio 34v: Goat

Folio 35r: He-goat

Folio 37v: Cat

Folio 38r: Weasel

Folio 38r: Mouse

Folio 38v: Eagle

Folio 39r: Vulture

Folio 39v: Hawk

Folio 40r: Partridge

Folio 40r: Crane

Folio 40v: Raven

Folio 41r: Cock

Folio 50v: Snake

Folio 50v: Snake

Folio 83r: Stag

Folio 84r: Hare

Folio 85r: Fox

Folio 85v: Stag

Folio 86r: Boar (Wild)

Folio 86v: Bear

Folio 87r: Lion

Folio 87r: Wolf

Folio 87v: Bull

Folio 88r: Elephant

Folio 88v: Dog

Folio 89v: Ass

Folio 90r: Onager

Folio 90v: Horse

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