MS. Douce 308 Gallery
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Folio 87v: Ass

Folio 87v: Cock

Folio 88r: Lion

Folio 88r: Swan

Folio 88v: Cricket

Folio 89r: Dog

Folio 89r: Wolf

Folio 89v: Snake

Folio 89v: Ape

Folio 90r: Raven

Folio 90v: Lion

Folio 91r: Weasel

Folio 91v: Caladrius

Folio 92r: Asp

Folio 92v: Blackbird

Folio 93r: Mole

Folio 93r: Worm

Folio 94r: Tiger

Folio 94r: Unicorn

Folio 95r: Crane

Folio 95v: Lion

Folio 96r: Swallow

Folio 96v: Pelican

Folio 96v: Weasel

Folio 96v: Lion

Folio 97r: Pelican

Folio 97v: Woodpecker

Folio 98r: Swallow

Folio 98v: Hedgehog

Folio 99r: Crocodile

Folio 99r: Hydrus

Folio 99v: Hydrus

Folio 101v: Sawfish

Folio 102r: Partridge

Folio 102r: Turtledove

Folio 102v: Partridge

Folio 103r: Ostrich

Folio 103v: Hoopoe

Folio 104r: Eagle

Folio 104v: Dragon

Folio 105r: Elephant

Folio 105r: Dragon

Folio 106r: Vulture

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