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Folio 8r: Ass

Folio 8v: Boar (Wild)

Folio 9r: Camel

Folio 10r: Ox

Folio 12r: Beaver

Folio 13v: Goat

Folio 14v: Stag

Folio 18r: Horse

Folio 23r: Leopard

Folio 32r: Ape

Folio 34r: Unicorn

Folio 34v: Bear

Folio 35v: Weasel

Folio 37r: Eagle

Folio 38v: Goose

Folio 48v: Griffin

Folio 49v: Crane

Folio 64r: Crocodile

Folio 73r: Whale

Folio 80v: Asp

Folio 86v: Bee

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