MS. Douce 88 Gallery
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Folio 5r: Lion

Folio 5v: Lion

Folio 6r: Tiger

Folio 6v: Panther

Folio 6v: Leopard

Folio 7v: Unicorn

Folio 8r: Lynx

Folio 9v: Ibex

Folio 9v: Hyena

Folio 10r: Bonnacon

Folio 14r

Folio 16r: Camel

Folio 17v: Parrot

Folio 18r: Caladrius

Folio 20v: Eagle

Folio 21v: Siren

Folio 21v: Owl

Folio 22r: Peridexion tree

Folio 22v: Dragon

Folio 23r: Basilisk

Folio 28r: Whale

Folio 73v: Sheep

Folio 74v: Goat

Folio 78r: Camel

Folio 82v: Lion

Folio 83v: Lion

Folio 84v: Panther

Folio 85v: Bear

Folio 86r: Unicorn

Folio 87r: Griffin

Folio 87v: Elephant

Folio 88v: Manticore

Folio 89v: Ape

Folio 92v: Bonnacon

Folio 94v: Rabbit

Folio 95r: Cat

Folio 96v: Crocodile

Folio 100r: Caladrius

Folio 111v: Bee

Folio 115v: Centaur

Folio 138r: Siren

Folio 138v: Siren

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