MS. Laud Misc. 247 Gallery
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Folio 139v: Lion

Folio 141r: Antelope

Folio 141v: Sawfish

Folio 141v: Fire stones

Folio 142r: Caladrius

Folio 143r: Pelican

Folio 143v: Eagle

Folio 143v: Owl

Folio 144r: Phoenix

Folio 145r: Hoopoe

Folio 147r: Siren

Folio 147r: Onocentaur

Folio 147v: Hedgehog

Folio 148r: Ibis

Folio 149r: Fox

Folio 149v: Unicorn

Folio 150v: Beaver

Folio 151v: Hyena

Folio 152v: Hydrus

Folio 153r: Onager

Folio 153r: Goat

Folio 153v: Ape

Folio 154r: Coot

Folio 154v: Panther

Folio 157r: Whale

Folio 157v: Partridge

Folio 158r: Weasel

Folio 158v: Asp

Folio 159r: Ostrich

Folio 160r: Stag

Folio 161r: Salamander

Folio 163v: Elephant

Folio 163v: Elephant

Folio 165r: Goat

Folio 165v: Diamond

Folio 166v: Pearl

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