Manuscript: HM 27523
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Huntington Library, HM 27523
(Livre des Propriétés des Choses)

Produced: France, 15th century

Language: French

Author: Bartholomaeus Anglicus

Binding: French polished calf, 18th century
Media: Parchment
Script: Bâtarde script

Folios: 277  Height: 38 cm   Width: 29 cm

Manuscript type: Single-author

Location: Huntington Library, San Marino, California, United States

Family: n/a


Source: Digital Scriptorium | Copyright 2004 Copyright 2004 Huntington Library | Folio 134r


The De proprietatibus rerum of Bartholomaeus Anglicus, translated into French by Jean Corbichon.

"Nineteen miniatures introducing each book, framed by simple burnished gold bands, with backgrounds often as feathery gold or silver rinceaux against black or dark pink grounds; opening miniature, f. 1, ... divided into 4 compartments: upper left, God, as a young man, creates heaven and light; upper right, God creates fire, air and water; lower left: God creates the earth; lower right, Charles V hands the Latin text to Jean Corbichon, saying on a scroll: De tout cecy les proprietes en cler francois nous translatez. Remaining miniatures: f. 7v, God and 3 rows of angels above a gaping hell mouth, which is receiving the fallen angels; f. 17v, creation of Adam in the Garden; f. 28v, a doctor lectures to his students on the humors of the body, while on a shelf behind are urine bottles and apothecary jars; f. 36v, a doctor stands before 2 cripples; f. 66v, an old man, hunchbacked, addresses 3 men of different social situations; f. 78, a teacher lectures to his students; f. 101v, a man, holding an astrolabe, stands talking to 2 others against a brilliantly striped sky; f. 117v, a seated man with an astrolabe talks to a cleric against a sky similar to the preceding one; f. 125v, a teacher lectures to his students; f. 128v, a man, standing against an orange scroll background, points to a roundel of a starry sky, pink castle, trees, grass and water; f. 134, in 4 compartments, an eagle, a swan, a stork, a rooster; f. 145, a man talking with 2 others, in a landscape of rivers, hills, trees and a graded blue starry sky; f. 152v, a landscape of converging rivers, a tree at either end and a mountain in the center; f. 160v, a landscape with rivers, trees, hills, castles and churches; f. 181, converging rivers, hills, castles; f. 192v, 3 tall fruit-bearing trees framing 2 smaller ones, against a low horizon and a graded starry sky; f. 228, 9 compartments containing a hedgehog, a lion, a bear, a monkey, a wolf (?), a boar, a dog, a stag and a horse; f. 260, a teacher lectures to his students. Initials for books, 7- to 3-line, in white-patterned blue or pink, infilled with colored trilobe leaves on a gold base; chapter initials, 4- to 1-line, alternating blue with red penwork or red with blue; alternating red and blue paragraph marks; rubrics throughout." Huntington Library

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