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This site has a basically hierarchical struture. There are several main sections, accessible from the Contents page:

Site Information
Information about this site: table of contents, help pages, contacts, copyright issues, etc.
An extensive list of books, articles, digital files and other materials, available in several formats.
Information about the beasts of the bestiary, including descriptions, sources and images.
Information about medieval manuscripts, including bestiaries and other works relating to animals in the Middle Ages.
Short articles on various beast-related topics, including information on the sources of the animal legends, from classical Greek, Roman and other authorites to medieval authors.
Various original articles on bestiary topics.
Digital Text Library
Texts, originally only available in print form and long out of print, converted to digital texts which can be viewed online, downloaded or printed.
Information about libraries, universities and other institutes holding primary materials (mostly manuscripts) relating to bestiaries and medieval animal lore.

Each section (except for Site Information) has an "Introduction and index" page that lists the resources available in that section. In most cases there are one or more lists containing links to provide more details.

Detail pages for bibliography items, institutes, copyright and image sources are displayed in separate windows that open when you click a related link or button. These pages can be left open; they will be reused the next time you click a link of that type. The windows can be sized and positioned any way you choose. While most pop-blocker software will allow these windows to open, if you click a link and nothing happens, you may need to temporarily disable the pop-up blocker; see the software documentation for instructions on how to do that.

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