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Most parts of this site should be viewable with any web browser and on any computer system. However, there are some pages that may not display properly (or at all) if your browser is out of date or not set up correctly. If any pages do not display correctly on you system, check the information below for possible solutions. If none of this helps, please contact the Webmaster with the URL of the page you are having trouble with, and a short description of the problem.


This site has been tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator on Windows and Macintosh systems; current versions of other browsers should work, but have not yet been tested. Browsers on Linux have not been tested, but should work.

While the site works best with the latest versions of these browsers, it will mostly work with any version numbered 4 or higher. Versions 3 and earlier will not work properly, since they lack features this site requires. Some pages, such as the image galleries, may not display properly when viewed on a Macintosh running OS 9 or earlier and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or earlier (the Mac OS X "Safari" browser does not seem to have this problem). For best results, upgrade your browser to the latest version. Recommended minimum versions are: Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5 or higher; Netscape Navigator, version 6 or higher.


This site makes extensive use of the Javascript scripting features available in most browsers. If your browser cannot handle Javascript, or if you have disabled Javascript processing in your browser, many parts of this site will not work properly or may not be accessible at all.


This site does not use cookies at this time, though future enhancements may require them. The most likely future use of cookies would be to store user preferences between sessions. In any case, the site will continue to be usable even if cookies are blocked, though some advanced features may be disabled.


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