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It’s not a large update, though there are a few hundred more images, mostly from the Bodleian Library. There are also more bibliography items, manuscript information, and other miscellaneous stuff. I am aware that some of the image pages don’t display very well. I have started using larger images, and they sometimes break my primitive […]

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Update! is now up to date, if such a phrase is meaningful for a site that deals only with stuff at least 500 years gone. There is a bit more of everything, but mostly pictures – about 300 new ones, some of them spectacular. The best overview of what pictures are here is to be […]

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An update … and statistics!

I updated the Bestiary site today. If you are wondering why I update so infrequently, well… it’s a lot of work! This update is mostly about images, with an addition of about 400 from various sources. I have decided to use whatever images I can get my hands on; previously I was only using public […]

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The wall of beasts

Imagine you are standing in front of a wall. If you look to your left or right, you can see that the wall stretches out far into the hazy distance. On the wall are arranged a series of pictures, all of bestiary beasts. If you move closer, you can see more detail, and a note […]

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The Fabulous Natural History of the Middle Ages

There is a new text available in the Digital Text Library: “The Fabulous Natural History of the Middle Ages” by Thomas Wright. This text was originally published as a chapter in The Archaeological Album; or, Museum of National Antiquities (pages 174-186), London: Chapman & Hall, 1845. The complete book is available on Google Books. This […]

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Jacob and the Mandrakes

A new text is available in the Digital Text Library: Jacob and the Mandrakes by James George Frazer, originally a paper read to and published by the British Academy in 1917. Frazer was a social anthropologist influential in the early stages of the modern studies of mythology and comparative religion, and is most famous for […]

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Blog and other stuff

The bestiary blog is now online (duh! like, you’re reading it, aren’t you?), though there are no articles in it yet, just the old “What’s new” data. Two articles are in preparation. There are also a couple of new digital texts available, and some other general updates.

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A long overdue update

It has been a long time since I have done a major update, and things have gotten a little ragged around the edges. This update fixes many broken links (other people will keep changing their sites!), adds a bunch more information on several of the beasts, and adds a few images, bibliography items, manuscripts, and […]

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On a new server

The Bestiary is now on a new server at a new hosting company. Very little has changed yet, but stay tuned: big changes are coming!

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More of everything

Finally, an update. Just the usual “more of everything”, with an emphasis on manuscript descriptions.

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