The Medieval Bestiary: Animals in the Middle Ages is now two years old! In that time it has gone from less than 200 visits per month to over 18,000 visits per month. Thanks, faithful readers!

This is another large update. By permission of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library) of the Netherlands, over 150 new images have been added to various galleries, from their collection of manuscripts. About 40 public domain images have been added for an Encyclopedia article on misericords. There are also new articles on Jacob van Maerlant, Konrad von Megenberg, Thomas of Cantimpré, and Lambert of Saint-Omer, all writers of medieval encyclopedias. Several manuscript descriptions have been added, as well as a few more bibliography entries. You can now search this site with the Google search engine, as well as with the local search engine. There is also a new Introduction to what this is all about.