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"Notes on the Oxford Manuscripts of Cecco d'Ascoli's Acerba"
John Pierrepont Rice
Italica (American Association of Teachers of Italian), 1935, 136-138
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"In the limited space of this short article only the briefest mention can be made of four Oxford manuscripts of the Acerba which, so far as the writer has been able to ascertain, have hitherto escaped the attention of other investigators. Earlier students of the life and works of Cecco d'Ascoli (Francesco Stabili), like Lozzi and Castelli, and later ones like Rosario, in his edition of the Acerba in the Scrittari Nostri series (1916) and Crespi, in his critical edition of the same work published at Ascoli Piceno in 1927 as part of the commemoration of the sixth hundredth anniversary of Cecco's death, fail to mention these manuscripts. They merit, nevertheless, careful consideration be-cause of their number, their age, and their variety. Of the four manuscripts above mentioned, three are in the Bodleian Library..." - author

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